About Us

Ananda Fashions is proud to offer some of the finest handcrafted jewelry in the world. All of our items are uniquely designed using superior materials paying close attention to detail and quality. We specialize in semi precious stones, fresh water pearls and Swarovski Crystals as well as top grade metals including silver, copper and brass. Our goal is to bring you upscale and fashionable jewelry at unbeatable wholesale prices with outstanding service.
Our brass and copper collection:
Solid brass and copper are the base materials of the jewelry. By applying extreme heat, we are able to create the interesting patterns and effects on the jewelry. No dyes are used. Each item is entirely handmade, which is why no two items can be exactly identical. The jewelry is completely free from lead and nickel or any other allergy producing substances in order to meet with international quality standards. 
Our semi precious, fresh water pearl and crystal collection: 
All of our jewelry comes from the highest quality materials. Our skilled artisans designs are based on individuality as well as functionality. We proudly offer casual items for everyday use or one of a kind jewelry for special events.